The Use of Telecommunications to Improve Access to Cancer Treatments

For many telemedicine is new and possibly unknown. Although telemedicine has been around since the 1950’s, today telemedicine is growing exponentially with an overall net benefit. Here at MyOncoPath telemedicine is our business model: we were founded with the goal of providing patients and health care providers with access to medical genetics professionals in the field of oncology across the United States.

According to the American Board of Genetics Counselors there are only approximately 4,000 certified genetic counselors across the United States in 2017. And we would like to make the very best genetic counselors specializing in cancer available to patients via our telemedicine clinic.

Genetic Counseling Telemedicine Clinic Accessible in Most States

The Harvard Business Review (HBR) recently published an article, Using Technology to Improve Rural Health Care. In which HBR discusses Sanford’s telemedicine efforts to make healthcare accessible across many fields, including oncology. Although it doesn’t touch on genetic testing, it does point out that telemedicine:

  • bridges the gap of connecting specialists with distant patients, while consulting with a patient’s local doctor
  • assists with creating continuity of care
  • offsets cost with phone or video visits rather than patients being away from work or home for several hours to make the visit in person

Bridges the Gap: With the focus on personalized medicine to assist patients with understanding their individual cancer and treatment options available, telemedicine breaks down barriers of access to our genetic counselors. There are approx. 14,738,719 cancer patients in relation to the 4,000 genetic counselors in the US.

Continuity of Care: Our genetic counselors view cancer genetics and diagnostic options with a different lens than a doctor may. We do not replace anyone on an oncology team, but rather we become part of a patient’s health care team. This allows our services to be integrated to create a personalized treatment plan.

Offsets Costs: In terms of costs and insurance coverage, visit our tests and counseling services costs section here for more details. Due to lack of travel and waiting costs, MyOncoPath’s telemedicine clinic enables patients to keep their valuable time and energy.

At MyOncoPath patients may schedule an appointment for genetic counseling over the phone 1.888.335.8006 or via email Then they meet with one of our certified genetic counselors conveniently from their location. MyOncoPath’s telemedicine clinic = No traveling and no long waits!

Our goal comes from a very personal place; genetic testing can provide valuable information for personalizing cancer treatment plans and increasing positive patient outcomes. The landscape of genetic testing is so expansive (there are approximately 20,000 genetic tests) – from reading reports to ordering tests, we are here to bring additional expertise to a patient’s health care team. We do offer hereditary testing, however the main focus of our telemedicine genetic counseling clinic is for current cancer patients and oncology teams.

We have knowledge of the latest options in genetic testing for cancer patients. Set up a consultation to speak with a genetic counseling expert to find out how genetic testing could open up personalized treatment options for individual cancers.

In MedPage Today’s article Telemedicine OK for Genetic Testing and Counseling, Marc Schwartz, PhD, of Georgetown University’s Lombardi Cancer Center noted,“Calling telephone counseling and testing “safe and effective”… (he) encouraged providers to consider these telemedicine approaches… “Waiting lists for initial (in-person) appointments are often quite long” and “telephone delivery is cost-saving compared to standard counseling.””

Are you hungry to learn about your cancer? Improve your clinical outcomes? Telemedicine makes this all possible from the comfort of your home or office.