• What can genetic testing tell us about your cancer treatment or prevention plan?

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Cancer is a Genetic Disease

We help cancer patients and their health care providers identify genetic testing that could play a role in personalizing cancer treatment plans.  In addition, MyOncoPath can provide hereditary risk assessment for patients and family members.

The challenge is that patients aren’t getting access to personalized treatment options. Our board certified genetic counselors fill this gap by recommending genetic tests that profile a patient’s cancer and identify relevant genetic markers. The test results are analyzed to help identify if there are treatments or clinical trials that could personalize a patient’s cancer treatment plan. MyOncoPath is a telemedicine clinic which allows us to support patients and healthcare providers by phone.

What’s in it for you?

We recommend testing to help identify genetic markers that may change the course of a cancer treatment plan and improve patient outcomes.

Standard Practice

The type and stage of cancer determine a treatment path, which is generally the same for all patients.


Genetic markers are identified to determine a possible treatment path that may work better for you.


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PGD genetic testing
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Our board certified genetic counselors recommend testing that may identify markers to help determine a specific treatment path for you.


We will be your partner to help identify treatment options for your patients by navigating through the genetic and diagnostic tests available to better understand the patient’s cancer profile.

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How it works


Contact us and schedule a consult with one of our board certified genetic counselors.


Discuss your medical history with your assigned board certified genetic counselor.


Your genetic counselor may recommend testing based on your medical history.


Review testing results with your genetic counselor and healthcare provider.

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Work With Us

We always love to hear from genetic counselors who are interested in using their skills to help oncology patients. We are currently looking for board certified and licensed genetic counselors to join our team.